Bakar Tavadze
Lansing, Michigan
  • front-end. 4 years.
  • back-end. 5+ years.
  • Bootstrap. 4 years.
  • JavaScript. 5+ years.
  • C. 5+ years.
  • ASP.NET. 5+ years.
  • Python. 5+ years.
  • Django. 5+ years.

  • Maker of this website.

    I build scalable web apps with high performance.

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  • Ethical Shopper

    Add Ethical Shopper to Chrome. Visit any brand’s website (e.g. and click on the extension icon. You will see information on the brand’s social and environmental impact. The information is based on the Good On You ethical brand rating system. The system assesses more than a thousand brands on three main categories: People, Planet and Animals.