Former startup founder/10yrs exp dev looking for partner on some side projects

I'm a fullstack / backend focused dev looking for someone to collaborate with on side projects. I have a couple ideas listed below, but I'm open to something else as well.

My ideas:

  1. "Numpy in the cloud" - an API compatible version of numpy/pandas/etc. that runs in the cloud. For data scientists working on datasets larger than their laptop memory. Heroku prototype: (beware, 30 sec warm for hobby instance)
  2. "zapier for coders" - copy & paste some code into a text box, schedule it, and it runs! you can easily connect API's. share & fork snippets.
  3. Something else, open to suggestions

I have a lot of coding experience, can write react.js for UI's and python for backend. Former startup founder, and I've worked at Google, Apple, and other SV companies. Reach out to me here or , looking forward to talking!

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